Richard Hatch as Robert King

Commander, First Shift
Other credits: Battlestar Galactica ‘03 & Battlestar Galactica ‘78

A tired former Navy pilot, clinging to the one thing he loves–the ship. He doesn’t trust the new crew, particularly Gartner. King sees them as immature children who’ll break the ship as soon as he closes an eye. After 25 years of being treated as effective captain, the order to go to sleep has been a jarring wake-up call.

Richard passed away in February 2017, just a few months after completing his scenes for Personal Space. This role is one of his final performances, and the show is dedicated to his memory.


Nicki Clyne as Gail Gartner

Commander, Second Shift
Other credits: Battlestar Galactica ‘03

A starry-eyed scientist setting out to build a better future. The child of two Manhattan Project researchers whose fame eclipses her, she’s got something to prove. When the commander of the previous shift refuses to cede command to her, she again feels overshadowed by an older father figure–and something’s got to give.


Kurt Yaeger as Leonard Freeman

Flight Engineer, Second Shift
Other credits: Sons of Anarchy

Leonard Freeman, a hero of a previous Mars mission, prevented a disaster when the Mars craft was en route back to Earth. Following that, he was selected to lend his experience and perspective to the Overture. He loves the band Rush, and hopes to help everyone chill out and get along. He happens to be disabled, as does Kurt Yaeger, the actor portraying him.


Sean Persaud as Dr. Stanley "Blasto" Blaszkiewicz

Doctor, Second Shift
Other credits: The Poe Diaries

“Blasto” is an obsessive man in a repetitive job that risks making him more neurotic: cycling through the bodies in cryosis once every week, making sure all is well. He’s known among the crew as a prankster.


Vivi Thai as Deborah Li

Botanist, Second Shift
Other credits: 3 Minutes

Deborah is a scientist with an important job, who thinks she has the Only Important Job. Her work is hampered by the crew, who sees her hydroponic lab not as a work space, but as a park or a kitchen cupboard. They are rabbits digging up her crops, and she forgot her shotgun at home.


Alica Daine Benning as Ami 2.0

Therapy Computer, Overture
Other credits: Gospel According to Bart

Ami 2.0 was the scheduled update for Ami after the first 25 years. She was supposed to be smarter and more emotionally intuitive. Unbeknownst to the crew, Actaeon snuck in some other updates…


Cliff Simon as James LaBarre

Captain, Overture
Other credits: Stargate SG-1

Captain LaBarre is in cryo, only to be awakened in a crisis. Rumors swirl that he dropped napalm in Vietnam before he became a test pilot, and did other things you could be expected to spend a lifetime regretting. If a disaster strikes, the crew is supposed to wake him. But with his reputation being what it is… would they?


Tim Russ as Jeff Lipschitz

Flight Engineer, First Shift
Other credits: Star Trek: Voyager

Jeff was King’s best friend, now in cryo. The man is the stuff of legend. Jeff – the Perfect Flight Engineer. No one will ever live up to Jeff. Or his guac. Guy can make a mean guac.


Brent Bailey as Trevor Richards

Digital Media Coordinator, Mission Control
Other credits: Emma Approved

Trevor is an idealistic science writer formerly employed by the space program. He’s worked for Actaeon for a few months, since the acquisition. He’s someone who wants to be running Twitter feeds for groundbreaking space missions, and is instead running one for Say Maybe to the Baby. He hopes the Overture program can be redeemed, but this job is killing him inside.


Julia Aks as Stephanie Park

Digital Media Manager, Mission Control
Other credits: Agents of Shield

Stephanie is a self-made social media phenomenon. She’s run social media campaigns and hosted shows for sites like BuzzFeed, and was hired by Actaeon to make their new reality show “go viral”. She’ll have to milk the astronauts for drama. She’s good at what she does. The rest is irrelevant, as long as she gets people to watch.


Chelsea Morgan as Kelly Schreckengost

DSN Relay Dept Head, Mission Control
Other credits: Her Side of the Bed

Kelly is one of the only scientists employed by Actaeon who was not on the original US space program team. The ink has barely dried on her PhD. She appears in Actaeon’s broadcast as their token nod to the scientific goals of the mission.


Tyler Ham Pong as Ian Han

Exoplanet Researcher, Caltech
Other credits: 3 Minutes

Ian is the former star of Science Marches Han, the late 80’s children’s show best remembered for its goofy sound effects. Ian took a leave of absence from broadcasting to be a guinea pig for the cryosleep technology later used on the Overture. After awakening from cryo five years ago, he reentered academia, studying exoplanets like the one Overture’s headed toward.


Michael T. Coleman as Max Headroom

Other credits: School of Thrones

Why would there be a character on this show named after 80’s TV icon Max Headroom? I guess you’ll just have to watch and find out.


Mark Tierno as Wernher von Braun

Father of American rocketry
Other credits: SyFy’s The Mercury Men

In this alternate history, Wernher von Braun defected to America in the 1930’s, prior to WWII. American rocketry in this timeline was decades ahead of real life, and we have the archival photos to prove it. He is seen here designing the Overture.


Leela Vox as Ami 1.0

Therapy Computer, Overture
Other credits: Paradox

Ami was initially built to be a modest improvement over ELIZA, an early attempt at a therapy computer. Her most tried-and-true tactic is simply turning statements into questions: “I’m upset with Jeff.” “Why are you upset with Jeff?” Her biggest asset is her ability to record exhaustive data on crewmembers, helping her get to know them and their issues over time.


Tahmoh Penikett as Philip McCune - Season 2

Other credits: Battlestar Galactica ‘03, Dollhouse

Philip McCune is an engineer who appears in Season 2. Until Season 1 is completed, saying more would be a huge spoiler!