Tom R. Pike // Executive Producer

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Tom is a Webby-winning writer who never grew out of the phase of childhood where you’re obsessed with spaceships and dinosaurs. His feature script Emperor Norton ranked in the Top 10 in its category in the 2015 Final Draft competition. He once spent several years trying to learn how to whistle.

Dana Luery Shaw // Created By / Writer

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Dana is a writer whose work spans multiple media. She created The Wall Will Fall, a 2012 indie ARG, and wrote material for the webshows CLassic Alice, Welcome to Sanditon, and Echo Chamber. She’s going to own a house full of dogs one day.

Jeff Hammer // Producer
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Jeff is a filmmaker from Wisconsin whose screenplays have received distinction from the Walt Disney Studios/ABC TV Writing Fellowship, the Alfred P. Sloan/Sundance Commissioning Grant, and the Austin Film Festival. He wrote and directed indie feature Live or Die In La Honda. When he’s not working, he’s writing sonnets for his beautiful wife. He also enjoys space.

Taylor Cleland // Writer
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Taylor grew up stargazing in the desert, obsessed with other worlds and very cross sci-fi captains were never ladies. While she’s still working on her space travel dreams, she’s excited to bring this diverse cast to life and finally answer the question, “What would people do for fun in space?”

Ben Everhart // Writer
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Ben wrote the 2015 horror film The Harvesting and worked as a writer’s assistant on TNT’s Legends, starring Sean Bean. He grew up in historic Amish Country, but now lives and works in Los Angeles.

Tom Larkin // Writer
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Tom has worked in television production, web animation and games, and app making. He’s working on Personal Space because he considers independently produced webshows to be the future of entertainment.

Rekha Mohan // Writer 
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Rekha’s love for space stems from her father, who introduced her at a young age to the masterpiece that is Spaceballs. She’s proud to have contributed the line “We are waiting with an ‘eh’ for you” to Jeb! An American Disappointment. She can be found begging annoyed DJs to play “All Star” by Smashmouth.

L.A. Townsley // Writer

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L.A. is a screenwriter born and raised in Seattle, Washington. She grew up on a steady diet of 90s sci-fi and Nirvana. When she’s not writing about expeditions into space, which is almost always, she enjoys photography and exploring the city. She hopes to one day visit Mars.

Justin Hill // Composer
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Justin writes both music and stories. When he hears a melody, he sees a story that goes along with it. When he’s given a story, he can’t help but put it to a score. He aspires to get at least a couple notes stuck in your head.

Zack Wallnau // Created By / Director of Photography
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Zack Wallnau is a cinematographer based in LA. His work has screened at Sundance and the Palm Springs Film Festival. His recent works include the Twilight short film We’ve Met Before for Lionsgate Entertainment, and the musical series I Ship It for the CW Seed.